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Is Stripe registration necessary?

If you only intend for customers to pay via bank transfer there is no need to register for a Stripe account. In the case you wish to use credit card payments, Stripe registration is mandatory. After registering with Stripe the account all contract...

Can I delete my account?


Can I really sign up for free?

Yes, there is a free plan which can be used free of charge with an option to upgrade your plan later if chosen. Phototree never charges commissions based on sales. Users will be charged processing fees by Stripe if customers chooses to pay by cred...

What happens to my photos if I change my plan?

Don't worry! Your photos, galleries will remain safe even you upgrade your plan. If you downgrade your plan to a lower storage level you will be given a 30 day grace period to reduce your usage to your new limit before action is taken.

Is there an expiry for galleries?

If you are a user of any paid plan, no. As long as you are still subscribed, there is no expiry for galleries. If you are on the free plan, galleries and all photos will be deleted 1 year after your last log in to prevent abandoned accounts.

Can I add terms and conditions to my Galleries?

You can add your own terms and conditions that users must agree to when they check out. These can only be set per seller and not per gallery.

I have not received any email. What should I do?

迷惑メールになっている 設定によっては、誤って迷惑メールと判断されることがございます。 迷惑メールのフォルダやゴミ箱フォルダをご確認ください。 設定で受信を拒否している hello@phototree.jpからのメールを受信できるように設定してください。   ご利用のメールサーバーの容量がオーバーしている メールサービスやお使いの端末の容量がいっぱいで受信できない場合、不要なメールを削除してください。

When Will My Credit Card Be Charged?

Your credit card will be charged when you first start a subscription. The payment cycle will be determined by the initiation date. The card on file will be charged on same date of the month as the first payment. In the case of upgrading your accou...

My upgrade or subscription payment was declined

In the case of your credit card being declined please first check your cards expiry, limit and balance. If these factors are OK please contact us within 10 days of being declined to ensure continued usage of your Phototree account. In the case of ...

What is Phototree?

Phototree is a cloud based digital photo sales platform supporting all users from hobbyists through to large professional studios. Phototree charges no commissions and places no limits on the number of photos sold or orders made. Phototrees levels...

Do I have to download or install anything to use Phototree?

Phototree is a cloud base system, so additional downloads or installs will not be necessary. Your can work on Phototree as long as there is an internet connection.

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